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Path-Aware Performance Management Is Finally Here

Today at Packet Design we released version 15.1 of our Explorer Suite featuring a new product – Performance Explorer. This represents an industry first: the correlation of performance and latency metrics with path analytics. The upshot: Customers can better understand and manage how services are being delivered across their networks. Here’s a quick description, and scroll down to view a short video.

For years we’ve been providing customers with products that help manage the proper routing of data on their complex networks. Packet Design has leveraged our unique understanding of data path information to provide windows into how various other technologies were behaving – Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs, Traffic Engineering Tunnels and basic traffic flows. We’ve learned that many things can impact the health of routing on a network.

Now, by correlating performance data with our path information, our Explorer Suite can tell, for instance, if a router is being loaded too heavily or is running out of memory. We can monitor and alert on this situation before the router starts dropping its peerings and causing routing instabilities. If routes have changed, we can go back in time and observe what physical issues might have been the root cause for the changes: interface errors, memory starvation, network or routing engine loads and more. Voice and other critical service delivery health can be monitored and visualized by correlating latency and jitter values with end-to-end path information.

The ability to understand latency, performance and path analytics in the context of a service has specific benefits for our enterprise and service provider customers:


  • Deliver a high level of application services to the business
  • Experience fewer outages and reduced service downtime
  • Understand how your service provider is meeting your SLAs

Service providers:

  • Deliver new services faster
  • Better manage customer SLAs
  • Reduce SLA penalties
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer churn

Understanding is the key to efficient decision-making. With the move toward SDN control of complex networks, we are now providing more intelligence to help applications – and operators – make informed decisions on how to deploy critical services or targeted functions on customer networks.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, please watch the following video demonstrating how Packet Design is integrating performance and path awareness to improve service delivery for enterprise and provider network managers.

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