Gnome Meeting

Into the World of Routers: A 2-Man Play in One Act


ASBR 101: A router with Reliable Communications

ASBR 22: A router with Aricent Networks

The Players:

The Gods: Aricent Networks’ Network Team

The King: Head of the Reliable Communications Network Team

REX: Packet Design’s Route Explorer

ASBR 101: “Hello, I am ASBR of AS 3112. Reliable Communications.”

ASBR 22: “Hello dude, I am Do you remember me 101? We used to have long talks on the psychology of routers…”

(after a long pause)
101: “Yes, I remember now. 22 from Aricent Networks. The war between these companies has resolved that means.”

22: “Thank the Gods, they both agreed to a policy. How are you 101?”

101: “I am awesome. You have gained weight. This tunnel bandwidth has increased now…” (101 giggles)

22: “Well it is a good sign then. More information will pass from both of us.”

101: “Oh yeah, as if you could read that information.”

22: “Let’s not discuss what is not in our hands. Be satisfied with what you have and accept it.” (22 says in a deep tone)

101: “What’s up dude — you took it personally?”

22: “Actually, I am really frustrated working here. The work environment is not effective at all.” (in an irritated voice)

101: “Why do you feel this way?”

22: “There is no work satisfaction. Most of the time I sit idle, because the active tunnels passing through my hands go down. And when they are up I work really hard. Then our Gods tear down everything and I am again idle.”

101: “The Gods? Who are they?

22: “Our creators, the engineers, network admins…”

101: “Oh I get it, why would the Gods do that? In fact, don’t they need you for better services?

22: “You are right. The rumor is with the increasing numbers of us, the Gods are finding it difficult to manage everyone. If anyone is sick or down, they are not able to cope with this change. The other day, tunnel-RIO-22 suddenly went down during the peak working hours. I was so anxious because hey, it was the Olympics! A large data transfer! You know how difficult it is to figure out why a tunnel suddenly goes down!”

101: “Oh I feel sad for you. Rio was the best time I must say. We were working 24×7, continuous data transfer. My hands were hurting, but I enjoyed it.”

22: “What? Were you active throughout the Olympics? Your hands didn’t stop working? Nor your tunnel?”

101: “It did, but only for a few minutes.”

22: “That is surprising to know. Your King is a genius!” (raising eyebrows)

101: “Genius? I don’t think so. But yes, he is smart to hire geniuses to manage us.” (looking around and in a lower voice) “The secret is, six months ago our King hired a monitor to keep an eye on us.”

22: “Monitor? Ha ha ha! Are you kids or what!” (laughing)

101: “Exactly. All of us were against his decision, but he was firm in saying, ‘The monitor is for your well-being. Give it a chance.’ And his decision turned out to be fruitful.”

22: “Really? How is this monitor?

101: “Well, his name is REX.”

22: “Cool name!”

101: “At first I hated him. My sister is crazy about him. But he is intelligent, I must say.”

22: “Oh come on! We all are manufactured with the same intelligence. How can he be smarter?

101: “Yes, but he is not our kind. He is like an alien.” (22 bursts out with laughter)

22: “And you believe in aliens?” (laughing louder)

101: “You won’t believe it unless I tell you about his powers. He has knowledge about everyone — our personal details too. Let me tell you something. You remember the last time I told you about my crush on 202, the Area Border Router in the adjacent kingdom? She is not an ABR anymore. I miss her. Ahh, I hate this area system.” (becoming sad and after a pause) “So I asked REX about her. He got the hint and told me about her.” (101 eyes twinkle)

22: “So that is why you think he is smart! What is his power? The King must have told you?”

101: “No 22, the King does not tell. Somehow REX discovers each one of us. He just pairs with all the ABRs in each area and then the ABRs give him timely, regular updates. He understands the OSPF language.”

22: “Intriguing.”

101: “Right, he has the power to disguise himself and become like one of us. He can look into our minds and collect information from us. Whenever any one of us down, just as the news circulates to everyone in the area in seconds, it also reaches REX. REX immediately alerts the King about it, so that King can take the necessary actions.”

22: “How does REX do this? Is he using the SNMP language that we use to communicate with GOD.”

101: “Well, like our priests, he can speak SNMP and Syslog. But sometimes these are too slow. REX works at the speed of light, you know. He hears everything we say — when we say it. He also understands many foreign languages such as IS-IS, EIGRP, BGP, RIP…”

22: “Wow, REX knows all the languages of our world.”

101: “With Syslog and SNMP he also communicates with the people for whom the King has banned OSPF. Thus all are under his view. And that is why we all were up and active during the Olympics in Rio. Before anything would break, he would promptly inform the King that a problem was developing. So the King could predict which one of us would fall sick and go down. It was all because of REX.”

(22 nodding in affirmation)

“Also, he simplifies the process of debugging us when something breaks abruptly.”

22: “Great man, this REX! He is watching you all the time. Can he be harmful then?”

101: “No chance of it. Our King did not grant him the permission to alter our minds. He is a mind reader only.  He is safe. That is why the King trusts him so much.”

(Before 22 can reply, 101 says with excitement)

101: “Hey, did you read about our kingdom adopting SDN?”

22: “No, SDN is the revolution in our world. It is a huge political decision!”

101: “Yes, 22. REX also has the powers of SDN analytics and orchestration. REX carried out a small project called SDN-TE in our rural area. The project was a huge success. Now, we will soon make a huge announcement.”

22: “Your kingdom is truly a developed one. You deserve congratulations.”

(in lowered voice)

22: “I will suggest my kinggggg…arggggghhhh…hhhhhh…”

101: “22, what’s happening? I can’t hear you.”

(22’s voice starts diminishing and 101’s cmd prompt shows a Syslog message: dropped neighbor 22)

101: “REX, help! Only you can save my friend!!!”

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