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A Seriously Funny Look at GRE Tunnels

Now the way I see it, you have two choices. You can go on pretending to be a part of something that was never real in the first place and hope for some kind of metempsychosis back to Season 1 of True Detective. Or, you can watch Real Network Investigators.

Hey, you might even learn something you can pass down to your kids and spare yourself the sin of not being a good parent. And, who doesn’t want to know about GRE tunnels? As network administrators, configuring a GRE Tunnel is inevitable. Like a warm darkness with something just below the surface that’s waiting there for us, along with everyone we ever loved who crossed over. Oh yeah, that s**t’s deep.

Check out Real Network Investigators Episode 1 starring Chris Levine from Technical Support as Dustin, a loose cannon network investigator with nothing to lose, and Amber McGee from Finance as Michelle Potts, a detective who asks the tough questions.

Aimed at Network Engineers who are younger in their careers, the mini-series explores GRE tunnel theory and troubleshooting with a fun, pop-culture twist.

RNI was conceived, written, acted and recorded by the Austin Killshot Alias production team – Alana Nelson, Amber McGee, Chris Levine, David Jordan and Robert La Rocca. The first episode was recorded in the office of our Vice President of Customer Care, Andy McFarland, while he was on vacation.

“We wanted to capture the sights, the sounds and the smells of a gritty, hard-hitting interrogation, while still retaining the feel of a big budget Hollywood production,” said Levine in a recent interview.

The AKA production team was rumored to have previously turned down several lucrative offers from drunken studio executives to shoot, among others, a remake of The Godfather and the newest episode in the Star Wars saga. The AKA group cited their reasons as creative differences and “… we just want to do our own thing, man.”

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